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AS Revision

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#1 Harriet-812

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Posted 29 March 2005 - 11:59 AM

I'm doing AS history and I understand that this is a GCSE revision forum but is it okay to post here?? I'm trying to revise for EDexcel suyllabus. We did the coursework option os I only have two examination units but it still seems a lot to revise. The lists of areas to cover (as provided above) are just what I am looking for, do you know where i could find them for my exams? I had a look on the EDexcel website but there were so many options that there didn't seem to be very much information on each. Also are revision guides available for AS?? We swapped teachers at Christmas and my new teacher is new to the college and has never taught the unit we covered before Christmas, therefore my revision for this area will have to be independant but I think a revision guide could really help. Sorry if all that seems a bit garbled.

PS my unit 1 topic is the securing of the Tudor dynasty and my unit 2 is Luther and the German reformation

#2 Mr Field

Mr Field


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Posted 29 March 2005 - 12:43 PM

This is a very fair request (and we'll also allow your AS question through too)... :)

You need the EdExcel syllabus for your topic which will then give you the key questions that you need to understand. From what I managed to find online I came up with:

Unit 1: Securing the Tudor Dynasty the reign of Henry VII:
This unit focuses on the problems faced by the first Tudor who had a poor claim to the throne.
*  The defeat of Richard III; the significance of Bosworth
* Threats to the dynasty after 1485
* Henry’s administrative reforms and economic policies to consolidate the dynasty
* Henry’s use of foreign policy to secure the Tudor position
* How did he manage to survive the opposition both in this country and in Europe?
* How safe had he made England by the time he died in 1509?


2b Luther and the Reformation in Germany, 1517-55
* The causes of the German Reformation; state of the Catholic Church in 1517
* Martin Luther: his ideas and influence to 1535
* Lutheranism: expansion and progress to 1555
* The political context of the German Reformation: the roles of Charles V and the German princes.

There are revision guides that can be purchased from bookshops, but there isn't an incredible amount online. This is because much of your AS revision needs to be based around past-paper questions and involves more in-depth analysis than a few webpages can provide.

If you are able, go to a local bookshop and have a browse - there are quite a few AS revision guides. Just make sure that your topics are covered. The revision guides will help - but they are no substitute for detailed notes and guidance.

No matter if your teacher has or hasn't taught the unit before, your school will still be able to provide you with the syllabus outline and give you some guidance for revision.

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