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Henry Viii And Six Wives Project

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#1 eeyore

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Posted 09 October 2005 - 12:15 PM

]I'v got to do a project on Henry VIII and his six wives and i am finding it difficult to find al the info about it. i'v got One pack on him that i got from Hampton court but it doesn't help that much because Al it has is pictures to colour in and one Page that gives all the Wives names and the dates they were born and the date they died but i need more info. Please help me. I would apprictate it so much. :warning: :warning:

#2 Mrs Faithorn

Mrs Faithorn
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Posted 09 October 2005 - 12:53 PM

There is a great deal on the internet about Henry VIII and each of his wives.

This page will be a good starting place:

You say you have the names of the wives from the Hampton Court pack so you will know which names to click on from the link I have given above.

THEN ..... if you need more information all you have to do is to use each of the wives' names as a search term using something like Google and you will get masses more hits.

NB. Put each wife's name in inverted commas when you search like this .... "Catherine of Aragon" .... and check your spelling too.

I hope that helps, but as always .... do post again if you get stuck.

#3 eeyore

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Posted 09 October 2005 - 07:43 PM

Thanx i have now done quite a lot and i hope my teacher appricates all the trounle i have gone through, i.e. getting my mum to dig deep and take a trip down memory lane to get the pack, me haveing to be ashamed of haveing to ask for help on this website (only joking about being ashamed)

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