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As Level History Help!

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#1 shanay

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Posted 26 April 2007 - 02:14 PM

Hello teachers, my name is shanay, i would like to know if u have some good revision sites for the Edexcel History AS level. I know the BBC, johndclare, school history, igcse history and many more weibsites. I hope you teachers/students can help me out with some more. Also i would like to know from where can i get quotes, as it will be useful to put them in my essays. Finally, to conclude, i am having difficulties writing essays, my teacher says writing more is the only way you will be better, but does any teacher/student have tips or show me how to answer an essay question, i am really having a difficulty with it......Thank you teachers fro looking at my post, and also students


p.s. i have the exam on 14th May and the first paper is Life in Hitler's Germany
for this paper i have written summaries for the following topics:
women, young, anti-Semitism, leisure, propaganda, autarky, Nazi ideology, economic policy and methods of control
PLEASE let me know if you teachers/students think i need to summarise any other topic, or not......THANK YOU

Again Thank you

#2 Mr_Stacey

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Posted 03 May 2007 - 09:49 PM

Hi there Shanay

Sounds like you're well organised, well done!

Rather than go after more websites at this point, I'd suggest you start by working through your notes and making sure you know about all the topics - focussing on your weakest areas. Make sure you have evidence that both supports and disagrees with the main theories on all the topics. I don't have a full list of topics at the moment, but if I can get through to Edexcel's website then I'll add them. Ask your teacher for a copy of the sylabus, or a revision topic list as well.

As for writing essays, there are actually quite a few tips on this forum. Spend 15 minutes going through this forum, and the 16+ forum and you'll find quite a few posts with advice on how to structure your answers. I'd spend your time on getting some past papers under your belt - having the right structure to your essay is worth more marks that having a few quotes to throw in.

Hope this helps. Good luck on the 14th!

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