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Significance Of Whitlam's Dismissal?

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#1 Skillsguy

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Posted 30 August 2008 - 10:52 AM

As the title says, I need some information on WHY the Whitlam Dismissal was so significant for Australia. I know it was controversial but I don't know why it was important. May you please help me.

1) Why was the Whitlam Dismissal so significant?

2) Can you help me expand on this list:
Significance of Whitlam:
• Believed in bettering the lives and rights of migrants, women and Aborigines.
• Ended the belief that divorces were the fault of women.
• Introduced self-determination.
• Migrants settled in better into the community.
• Made steps towards multiculturalism.
• Improved Australia’s reputation by abolishing the White Australia Policy and strengthening ties with Asian countries. This showed the world that Australia wasn’t racist anymore.
• Gave recognition to the arts and put emphasis on education by making university free.
• The establishment of Medicare, which, to this date, has remained in place.
• The development of a more independent foreign policy.
• Whitlam championed support of human rights, conservation and the environment in the international arena.

Thanks in advance

#2 MrJohnDClare

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Posted 01 September 2008 - 05:09 PM

Well, here's the rub, skillsguy - I know NOTHING about Whitlam at all.


1. It strikes me that the question is about the significance of Whitlam's dismissal, not Whotlam himself.
SO be careful with your list of why Whitlam was important.
True one of the significances of W's dismissal is that he was no longer there to do all these things.
But it strikes me that his dismissal was an issue in itself.
The question is not just about the consequnces of Whitlam's term of office, but about the consequences of his dismssal.

2. Now I do know that his dismissal was a big deal in Australian politics.
There is a whole website on it at http://whitlamdismissal.com/ which I presume you are aware of.
The three most important pages for your essay are:
a. Effects
b. Issues and
c. Key Questions
and the ideas on those pages should help you to find something to write.

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