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The Great Plague Homework Help

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#16 Sapphire

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Posted 28 February 2011 - 10:54 PM

Is this information useful for task 3:

Yes, the information is useful. Now, you have to put in into your own words. It's processing, rather than copying, information that can help you to learn and understand what it is telling you.

Furthermore, you don't necessarily have to include all of the information you have found, or put it in the same order.

I always prefer half a page of written work in a pupil's own words, to pages of copying, let alone copy and pasting.

Don't worry. I won't copy and paste it but,that was a rough idea of task 3 but, i was making sure whether i was on the right track or not? because i thought that i was wrong. thanks for all your help.
:D :D

#17 winnie malhotra

winnie malhotra
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Posted 24 November 2011 - 01:36 PM

i don't really still understand about task two

#18 Mr. D. Bryant

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Posted 24 November 2011 - 02:02 PM

i don't really still understand about task two

Welcome to the Forum. No need to post twice, all posts are queued for approval, so there may be a delay!

Right, task 2 is basically asking for two types of 'treatments', those used by doctors and those used by priests. The problem was that no-one really understood what caused the plague in the 1340s. Unlike you, they did not know about germs (bacteria) and their link to diseases. So, doctors tried all sorts to things to 'cure' the plague, based on their ideas at the time. There is a whole page of these 'natural' cures for the Black Death listed on this page from the excellent History Learning Site.

However, many people believed that the plague was a punishment sent from God because people had been doing bad things. So, priests and other people belived that if they could show God they were really sorry, then the plague might stop, or at least not kill them. You probably remember how people prayed to God from what you have studied on medieval religion. Some people believed that this wasn't enough; they were called flagellants and there is some information on them in this page on the Black Death. These attempts to end the plague are called 'supernatural' as they relate to religion.

This should be enough to answer the question. Good luck.

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