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Weimar Republic

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#1 kaaat

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Posted 21 May 2011 - 05:44 PM

i have to answer "How far was the Weimar Republic responsible for cultural achievements?" as a 10 mark question, but i dont know how to start it or end it! :S help please!!? :)

#2 MrJohnDClare

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Posted 22 May 2011 - 09:40 AM

This is a TERRIBLY hard question!

The fact that you don't know how to start it or end it rather makes me feel that you know what you have to write in the middle!
Are you sure?
Look at the question - it isn't a simple 'describe' question - 'what were the cultural acheivements' - so your middle cannot just be a description of what they were.
It isn't even a 'why' question - 'Why was the Weimar Republic a time of cultural flowering?', whereby your middle section is a list of 'factors' - things/ways in which the Weimar Republic stimulated cultural achievement.

It is a how far question - measuring the effect of the Weimar Republic on culture against the other things that helped culture!!

So your essay is a typical 'how far' structure:

Start the FIRST SECTION by saying: 'In some ways, the Weimar Republic seems to have had a great responsibility for cultural developments.' Then talk about how the Republic helped to stimulate cultural growth. Have you any idea of the kind of things you will have to say? I would mention things like the 'releasing' effect of political freedom, the better integration of Jewish people into the life of the nation, and the cultural developments that was consequent upon the political quarrels of the repuiblic (e.g. Nazi posters and films). You may know some more of your own. Remember, for all these, you need not only to explain HOW they led to cultural flowering, but to weigh how important they were.

Next, write your SECOND SECTION where you cite factors which were NOT the result of the Weimar Republic. Things you might mention here include the horror of WWI, new technology (e.g. films and sound recording) coming from the US, and the material prosperity that followed the US loans, etc. again, remember, for all these, you need not only to explain HOW they led to cultural flowering, but to weigh how important they were in stimulating cultural developments.

Finally, in your conclusion, weigh the factors which are attributable to the Republic, against those which are 'external'- and make an explained JUDGEMENT about which was more important. This is really an essay about how far political factors ('the Weimar republic') affect cultural developments - or whether other factors (social, economic, psychological) are more important.

Best of luck!
If this is a GCSE-level essay, tell your teacher that this is too hard an essay for your age-group!

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