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As Level Structuring

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#1 Doha

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Posted 06 May 2012 - 07:44 PM


next Tuesday I will be sitting the Edexcel 6HI01F paper, doing Options 3 (Liberal State & Fascism in Italy, 18961943) and 7 (second to Third Reich, Germany 191845)

The following Tuesday (May 22nd) I'll be sitting Edexcel's 6HI012 paper, doing Option D1 (Britain and Ireland, 1867-1922)

I did not study History at GCSE; I am posting this thread as I am looking for guidance in structuring my essays.

Basically, I am not quite sure how to set the tone and structure of the essays. I also struggle to understand the concept of using sources as a set for the D1 paper.

I was wondering if anyone on here has a template of sorts of how a model essay is presented or any guidance on how best to lay the essays out?

Having studied past papers and the specification, the type of questions for the F series paper are -

To what extent
How far do you agree
How accurate is it to suggest
How successful was

and for the D series paper are -

(Study Sources X and Y)
How far do Sources x and y suggest

(Study Sources X and Y)
Do you agree with the view Z using X & Y as evidence

I've spent hours researching on the internet looking for guidance on how to answer these sort of questions, and I've also been to afterschool revision sessions but I still can't quite grasp the format.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


#2 Mr. D. Bryant

Mr. D. Bryant
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Posted 06 May 2012 - 09:04 PM

Welcome to the Forum.

Firstly, thank you for being so clear about what papers you are doing; this makes our job much easier. Furthermore, you've obviously got a good idea of the sort of questions which will be asked.

I imagine that you have already had a look at the relevant markschemes from Edexcel which can be found on this page. If you have not already done so, it would be a very good idea to have a look at the Examiner's Reports, which can be accessed from the same page. These give examples of answers from actual candidates with explanations of the marks they were given.

For Unit 1 (6HI01F in your case) it's a question of producing an analytical, balanced essay, which focuses well on the question and has good factual support. Easy to say, harder to do. The questions will provide you with a 'given factor' and ask you to explain how far it was responsible for the outcome in the question. For example, in June 2011 paper, question 6 was as follows:

6. To what extent was Fascist control of Italy during the years 192543 the result of the effective use of propaganda?

So, a brief plan would be;
Introduction, making your argument clear (either yes it was, or, no it was 'x')
First section, showing how control was the result of effective propaganda
Second section, (about the samne as the first), showing how other factors were inportant
Conclusion; stating how far you agree it was propaganda and justifying your judgment. Ideally your decision will be either, it was mainly propaganda,
or mainly something else, rather than going to an extreme and saying it was just the given factor.

For Unit 2 (6HI02) we have given advice recently, so it would be worth doing a forum search; start with this thread, perhaps.

Have a read of the above documents/threads etc. and then come back if you have any more questions. It is hard, but some of my best students didn't do History at G.C.S.E., so it possible to do well. Good luck.

#3 Doha

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Posted 07 May 2012 - 07:40 AM

Thank you very much for the prompt reply!

Thank you for the Unit One : F series advice, that's exactly what I was looking for.

I'll go through the Edexcel markschemes and the Unit Two thread now.



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