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The Medieval Church

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The Medieval Church Another part of the history learning site that serves as an excellent introduction to the Medieval Church.  Useful detail for further research.
Thomas Becket A link to the separate section on Thomas Becket based on this site.  Detailed information, links and an online lesson.
Churches and Monasteries A well paced, illustrated and interesting explanation of medieval churches and monasteries.  Suitable as an overall summary. Useful reference site providing information on the Church between rise of the Papacy to the time of the Reformation. Good to use with other sites listed here.
High Medieval Church Life Too text-heavy for direct KS3 use, but useful for research or extension work.  Best used by teachers searching for specific source materials.
Build a Medieval arch An enjoyable Flash activity from BBC History.  Pupils are required to construct a Medieval arch by answering questions related to the methods and techniques used.
What was Chertsey like in the Middle Ages? A Learning Curve snapshot where pupils explore differences between medieval and modern Chertsey.  The power and importance of the church are relevant issues.
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