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The Norman Conquest

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The Norman Conquest School Site New link - A clearly designed site including a pop-up glossary, and worksheets.  Leads pupils through the main events and tests their knowledge.  Intended to help KS3 pupils investigate the Norman Conquest.
Essential Norman Conquest This site has fabulous 2D and 3D maps, excellent information and in depth analysis.  From a Osprey publishing, it has a plenty of interactivity (requiring Quicktime 4)   
Battle of Hastings   Part of the excellent history learning site.  Detailed information that would be very useful for research projects or related learning.  Clear explanation with useful description.
The Normans A recently updated section on the BBC website providing huge amount of information about the Norman Conquest of England.  Excellent background material, if a little text heavy for direct use!
Invasion of England, 1066 A history of the invasion of England in 1066 using the Bayeux Tapestry.  Detailed scenes relating to the Tapestry are explained.  
BBC Battle of Hastings Game A good fun, but rather 'Flash' intensive site that requires patient pupils while it loads.  Useful, if detailed, background material is also accessible.
Battle 1066 A vast site full of useful information.  Extremely graphics intensive, but is well worth the wait.  Very detailed analysis, with a great deal of background explanation. Some strange images.
The Bayeux Tapestry An extension of the previous site, now a standalone site dedicated to the  Bayeux Tapestry.  Some excellent images and description, yet the graphics intensive pages are accompanied by large download times. 
Secrets of the Norman Invasion Did the Normans really land at Pevensey as every history book states?  The extensive evidence on this site suggests otherwise. 
The effects of the Norman Conquest Excellent collection of articles and source material.  A little comprehensive for Year 7 study, but extremely valuable for further research.
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