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Life in the Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages A well explained and illustrated site introducing all aspects of life in the Middle Ages.  An  American site, so Americanisms need to be identified.
Virtual trip to the Middle Ages Excellent decision making exercise where pupils can explore a Medieval Village learning about the difference aspects of Medieval life.  From
Mr Dowling's guide to the Middle Ages An approachable site that gives KS3 pupils easy access to some difficult material in addition to information about the Middle Ages.
The Labyrinth A comprehensive collection of links related to the Middle Ages.  KS3 pupils will need teacher guidance in the use of this detailed site
The Middle Ages Plenty of information to investigate and research in a well organised site.  Extremely thorough, but mostly helpful.
The Middle Ages Interesting and accessible information and materials related to Medieval Life.  Pupil created illustrations and information provide good opportunities for further research
Life in the Middle Ages Information collected by US schoolchildren about the Middle Ages.  Appropriate level of language for KS3  
The Black Death A well paced explanation of the Black Death by the Discovery Channel. [More plague links can be found in the Year 8 section.]
Medieval Life A simple and organised site providing links to help students complete a study of Medieval Life.  Some links are too complicated for KS3, but it provides useful research.
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