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The Peasants' Revolt

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The Peasants Revolt Online summary and explanation of the peasants revolt.  Detail about what the peasants were so annoyed about together with chronological explanation of events.
The Peasants Revolt website An easy to access and detailed site with information the Peasants Revolt and those involved.  Use this site to get an in depth overview of the Revolt.
Peasants' Revolt lesson

From, this online lesson created for Year 7s offers three testing quizzes to complete - with the HoopShoot game the ideal way to finish!

The reign of Richard II An extremely detailed but very useful explanation of Richard II's reign, with great focus on the Peasants' Revolt.  High quality material from the BBC History site.
Detailed summary from A long and detailed summary of the buildup to the Peasants Revolt.  Too text heavy for direct classroom use, but this site provides useful information.
Statute of Labourers Useful background and explanation describing and detailing the statute of labourers, the major cause of the Peasants Revolt.
Chronicle Description From a contemporary chronicle, a description of the final meeting of king Richard II and the leader of the Peasant's Revolt, Wat Tyler.  Text heavy, and will require explanation for KS3
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