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The Romans

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Research about the Emperor Augustus

Augustus - recognise the face?

The Age of Augustus
  Impressive and detailed site offering lots of information about the 'Age of Augustus'. Ideal to read through for quality background research.
Summary of Augustus
  A really good and useful summary page about the Emperor. One page that offers plenty of material to help.
Augustus Quiz
  Once you've read information from the pages above try the quiz about Augustus by
Detailed description
  Biography of the Emperor Augustus - lots of useful information for your research.
Augustus - first Roman Emperor
  Interesting information that offer further material for your research - find out what Augustus actually means using this site!
Brief Summary
  Summary of Augustus and his life from a US university.
Images of power
  Things that Augustus had built, or were built in his name - immense show of Power.
Portrait Head of Augustus
  Image showing a marble statue of the head of Emperor Augustus.
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