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The American Revolution

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Summary A brief summary of the American Revolution from  The site provides a short overview of the whole Revolution, and allows visitors to select further links to find out more.
American Revolution links Good collection of links offering materials that cover all aspects of the Revolution.  Well worth using to research or explore more about the events surrounding the Revolution.
The American Revolution Designed to accompany a TV series on the Revolution, this site covers every aspect of the Revolution from every angle.  Excellent detail and navigation - easy to use.
Road to Revolution A clear and simple interactive timeline showing the major events leading to the Revolution.  Pupils are able to click on the events to link to further detail.  Very accessible for KS3! 
The History Place A complete chronological history of the Revolution.  From the linked page, pupils can find out information about America from 1700 to 1790.  An excellent resource aided by good illustrations.
American Revolution From the Modern History Sourcebook. As with other topic areas, this site presents excellent material.  Information is available on many different areas of the Revolution.
Revolution Links A collection of links with a focus on biographies of important people involved in the Revolution.  Useful for further research into specific areas.
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