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Spanish Armada

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Armada lesson Based on this site, a lesson that leads you through the causes of the Armada and then shows an animation depicting what happened!
The Spanish Armada Extensive explanation together with many relevant images.  Part of the excellent HistoryontheNet site.  Perfect for use within the classroom.
Elizabeth's Pirates Part of the Channel 4 series on Elizabeth's Pirates, this page offers some excellent summary information about the Spanish Armada. Includes interesting sections on myths, detailed information about each side and useful images - a game too!
Spanish Armada In-depth online article from BBC History online - six pages of useful information and detail about the Armada, together with additional links and materials.
Links relating to the Spanish Armada Useful compilation of reviewed links relevant to the Spanish Armada.  An extensive collection that is excellent for research. 
The Spanish Armada A site dedicated to the Spanish Armada.  Some very good information, but the site is incomplete without any recent sign of updates.
Newspaper account Reproduction of a contemporary newspaper report about Drake's role in the Spanish Armada - English Mercurie July 23, 1588. An interesting source to work with.
Queen Elizabeth's speech An interesting and useful source - the actual text of Queen Elizabeth's strict warning.  Good background information, too text heavy for direct classroom use.
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