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Early European Explorers

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European Voyages of Exploration Detailed and comprehensive site that covers all aspects of Early European Overseas Exploration.  An excellent place to start and continue research but with some difficult language.
Timeline of European Overseas Expansion The site name says it all.  This site has a straightforward timeline of relevant events from 1300 to 1533.  Useful background information.
The Age of Exploration Whilst not colourfully and cleverly presented, this site offers a comprehensive listing of information about explorers in general.  Pupils can locate the explorer they are researching and then click to find out more.  Excellent!
Columbus Navigation Homepage The site presents information about Columbus in a clear and accessible way, including a useful timeline.  Pupils can find details about his navigation, his crew, his ships and whether he really was the first to discover America.
Factfile about Ferdinand Magellan A well presented site that poses questions that pupils may ask and then answers them clearly and concisely.  A good outline of important information.
Vasco da Gama A well presented summary of essential information about Vasco da Gama.  This page allows pupils to investigate further via a timeline and additional links.
Hernando Cortes Information about Hernando Cortes, yet somewhat text heavy.  Maps and illustrations do help to break the text up though.  
Source material on Explorers From the excellent Internet Medieval Sourcebook, primary sources are available relating to European Exploration.  The extensive nature of the sources is unsuitable for direct classroom use, but ideal for research. 
European Explorers Useful page offering links and providing accessible material including tables and brief information.  Not an enormous amount on offer though.
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