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The French Revolution

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Summary Read some of the worksheets that teachers have created - they are an excellent introduction to the French Revolution. You need Adobe Acrobat installed.
Flash paperCauses of the French Revolution An online version of two worksheets submitted by Miss Lavelle. A good introduction to the causes of the French Revolution.
Flash paperRise of Napoleon Covering events leading to the rise of Napoleon. Online version of a worksheet submitted by Miss Lavelle.
Brief summary A useful overview of the whole revolution from the Victorian Web.  Links are available to follow for further explanation.
Overview Crib' sheet of the French Revolution - one page with a short outline of the major events of the French Revolution (from Modern History sourcebook)
Explanation Good, introductory explanation of the French Revolution.  Another good place to begin research.
How did the British react in 1789? Public Record Office snapshot - using primary sources it encourages students to investigate the British reaction to events.
Causes of the French Revolution Interesting 'mind-map' of the causes of the French Revolution,  Probably too in-depth for actual classroom use, but useful background.  
French Revolution Home Page A very informative collection of links and information about the French Revolution.  Some of the links are not suitable for KS3, but there is much of use here.  
The French Revolution A very detailed summary of events.  Examines the causes, the revolution itself and the aftermath.  A great deal of information!
Revolution sources From the Modern History Sourcebook. As with other topic areas, this site presents excellent material.  Link are available covering the lead-up, the Liberal Revolution, the Radical Revolution and the consequences.
Spark notes on the French Revolution From the world famous Spark Notes an overview of the French Revolution together with links to additional resources.  Excellent pop-up glossary that helps explain difficult terms.
The Haitian Revolution A useful source of information of the consequences of the French Revolution.  The French, as this site explains, touched of slave uprisings in the Caribbean. 
French Revolution Links Excellent page to help you go further - compiled by a University Professor, this page offers links about the French Revolution together with a very brief explanation.
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