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The Great Fire of London

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Fire A fantastic site backing up the recent Channel 4 history series.  Pupils can find out all about the fire and its consequences, including a brilliant demonstration of how the fire spread.
The Great Fire of London Detailed summary with useful images. Ideal for an overview of what happened - together with map, weblinks and suggested reading.
Great Fire Part of the Britain Express site on the Stuarts, this section offer a good explanation and background of events, yet combined with some obtrusive advertising.
The Great Fire of London From the Greater London Fire Brigade, a summary page offering information and images about the Great Fire of London 1666. Puts the fire into perspective of how the Fire Brigade was eventually established.
The Great Fire Text heavy (but introduced by a marvellous image) explanation of the Great Fire.  Part of a larger investigation into fire fighting, this page provides some helpful information on the fire.
Short summary A brief summary of the Great Fire from the St. Paul's Cathedral website.
Great Fire 'newspaper' Online copy of an early newspaper reporting on the Great Fire.  Not of direct use within the classroom but of real use as source material or for teacher led research.
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