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The Great Plague

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Plague A fantastic site backing up the Channel 4 history series.  Pupils can find out all about the plague, get information from experts, and find gruesome details about the disease.
Pepys' diary Excellent use of modern blogging technology to recount Pepys' diary.  Can be searched or simply explored for 'today's' entry.  First class primary source material   
The London Plague of 1665 Detailed, if a little text heavy, explanation and summary of events relating to the London Plague of 1665.  Interesting and memorable facts.  
The Great Plague An online worksheet from Heathside School.  Provides information on the Plague followed by tasks to ensure knowledge and understanding.  A good exercise.
Pictures of the plague Evocative contemporary images that could be used in class, evaluated as sources or as background materials.  Superb via a data projector / whiteboard!
Extracts from Samuel Pepys' diary Of great use in combination with some of the above sites.  This page lists relevant extracts from Pepys' diary during 1665.  Short descriptions of what life was like in London.
Black Death and Plague not linked BBC News online article - suggesting that the Medieval Black Death was actually different to the Plague. This changes what historians have previously thought!
The Black Death In depth article about the Black Death / Plague and how it spread across and into Europe. Detailed information - but bear in mind recent discussions [see the link above].
On the trail of the Black Death A very interesting page full of information and images relating to the Black Death / Plague. Covers both scientific and historical information making a really interesting page.
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