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Acts of Union

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What is the history of the Union flag? From the royal website, an excellent page providing information and images about the history of the Union flag.  Comprehensive information that is of direct use to pupils. 
The Scotsman Part of the professional, this site provides some excellent information.  Currently there is video chronicle of the 20th Century backed up by articles from the paper.
Welsh History A History of Wales from Britannia.  Despite the pop-up advertisements there is some excellent information and some useful links relating to Welsh history and culture.
Summary of the Act of Union 1536 Useful summary to the historical background and events surrounding the Act of Union 1536 from Spartacus.
Act of Union 1536 A very detailed explanation of the Act of Union from  Explains the results of the Act, and why the Tudors felt the need to make Wales part of England.
Act of Union 1707 Information about Queen Anne and the signing of the Act of Union.  The page ends by explaining how the Act is still debated today.  Links from the page lead to further detail.  
Act of Union 1707 An overview of events from 1603 leading up to the Act of Union 1707.  Information is given showing the causes of the Act, explaining how the Act became law.
Timeline of Devolution 1536 to today A brief timeline (based on this site) showing the major events (with emphasis on this century) in relation to the devolution of the UK.
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