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Monarchs and Rulers 1500-1750

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Henry VII 1485-1509
Henry VIII 1509-1547
Profile of Henry VIII
Six wives
Edward VI 1547-1553
Tudor England (Edward VI)
Biography (very short)
Longer summary
Jane 1553-1553
Lady Jane Grey
Queen for 9 days
Announces her accession
Mary 1553-1558
Royal website summary
Elizabeth I 1558-1603
Tudor England (Elizabeth I)
Life and Times
Brief biography
James I 1603-1625
Exhaustive information
Detailed information (follow links)
Charles I 1625-1649
King Charles I
Oliver Cromwell 1644-1658
The Victorian Web
Detailed information
Local Hero?

Richard Cromwell

BBC information
Charles II 1660-1685
King Charles II
Royal website summary
James II 1685-1688
The Victorian Web
Detailed overview summary
William III and Mary II 1689-1702
William III and Mary II
Mary II
Anne 1702-1714
BBC summary
Detailed synopsis
Anne and the Act of Union
George I 1714-1727
BBC biography
CamelotIntl summary
George II 1727-1760
Spartacus summary
Royal website summary
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