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The Renaissance

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The Virtual Renaissance A tremendous examination of life in Renaissance times.  Pupils are led through a cathedral, a courthouse, a theatre, a hospital, a chapel, a town (including shops, food and music), university and a castle.  Further links are then available from each section.  One of the best sites I have seen.
The Tudors A new section of the fantastic Learning Curve website, providing a wealth of information about the Tudors. Divided into six sections covering the Court of Henry VIII, Tudor life, Trade, Fun, Religion and Jousting. Excellent eLearning materials.
Great Renaissance men Useful links page offering help to find out about Great Renaissance men, covering Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and Andreas Vesalius.  A good starting point for research.
Educating Shakespeare A superbly presented and really useful site about education in Shakespearian time.  Excellent detail perfect for pupil research.  The punishments section is also interesting for ideas!
Shakespeare's Globe A site presenting information and facts about the Globe, both old and new versions.  Brief summary leading to additional links.
Renaissance A well paced explanation of the Renaissance with many interactive and learning activities.  Quite detailed and beneficial background material.
La Renaissance Based in Paris, a 'web museum' dedicated explaining the Renaissance.  Text heavy, yet the material is thought-provoking, in depth and doesn't all need the latest software to run!
The Galileo Project A large and detailed exploration of everything related to Galileo - his life, his work and the science at the time.
Galileo Galilei Summary of Galileo's life leading onto useful information and images relating to other significant individuals from the Renaissance. An opportunity to explore!
Leonardo da Vinci A splendid multimedia exploration of Leonardo's inventions and discoveries.  First-class, but some hefty plug-ins are required to access most parts of the site.
Isaac Newton BBC History article about Isaac Newton - a good place to begin further research. Much more accessible than other articles.
Isaac Newton Wikipedia In depth article about Isaac Newton from the Wikipedia. Very useful due to the number of relevant hyperlinks.
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