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Richard III and the Princes

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Richard III A good overview of the reign of Richard III from  Information about the much debated and discussed King. Further links also available.
Richard III society The homepage of the Richard III society.  Excellent source of information although keep in mind the purpose of the society - that history has misjudged King Richard (e.g. they think he did not murder the Princes).
The Yorkists From the Queen's website, an official summary together with interesting images, of the Yorkists Kings of England - Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III.  An ideal place to start further research.
Richard III foundation Interesting US based Richard III organisation which 'is not neutral in its defense of Richard III' - meaning it offers information to allow you to learn and identify the facts, not the rumours.
The History of King Richard III A 'e-text' version of Thomas More's history of King Richard.  This book is the source of the modern held views of Richard.  From 1557, it shows how history can be distorted! [very text heavy].
Will the real Richard please stand up? Useful, if a little academic for direct classroom use, brief summary of the different interpretations of Richard III.
The Wars of the Roses For background information and further detail, a really good site to examine the wars that tore England apart.  Some magnificent family trees and in depth analysis
Path of the Crown Excellent diagram clearly depicting the path of the crown through the Wars of the Roses.  Further sections of this site will also prove useful for research.
Wars of the Roses & the Princes in the Tower A brief and therefore useful summary of the story behind the Princes in the Tower.  [Scroll down when the page has loaded to view the information]
Richard III & the Princes in the Tower Similar overview to the previous link.  This, from the BBC Radio 4, offers a brief chronology together with some information.
Were the Princes in the Tower murdered? From the Richard III society American branch an extensive analysis of the deaths of the two Princes.  
Princes in the Tower Part of the Richard III society pages focusing on what they believed happened to Richard III's two nephews.  Detailed and text heavy analysis.
Richard III and the Princes Extremely text heavy but very worthwhile analysis of the Princes in the Tower.  Goes into great detail, accompanied by some marvellous images and suitable Shakespearian quotations.
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