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The Stuarts

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The Stuarts (1603-1714) A well presented and accessible page with a great deal of information and images relating to Stuart times.  The written explanation is at the right level for KS3 use.
The Stuarts Part of the Queen's website, this page provides a good summary of the Stuarts together with links to individual monarchs and rulers for further detail.  Excellent images.
The Stuarts Part of the superb historylearningsite this page leads to further information both internally and externally to the site.  Some very good detail on the monarchs.
Stuart Monarchs From the equally superb HistoryontheNet, a collection of well explained pages relating to the Stuart period - excellent for use in the classroom.  Use the drop down selector at the top of the screen to explore more.
Links to Stuart England Well organised site with detailed information on all aspects of the Stuarts.  A few too many adverts, but the quality of the information does make up for this!
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Glorious Revolution
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