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The Tudors

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The Tudors A new section of the fantastic Learning Curve website, providing a wealth of information about the Tudors. Divided into six sections covering the Court of Henry VIII, Tudor life, Trade, Fun, Religion and Jousting. Excellent eLearning materials.
The Tudors Part of the excellent History Learning Site, a catalogue of Tudor England leading to some very useful text based information.  Good detail, ideal for classroom research.
Tudor England Similar section of the site providing images, information, and activities.  Perfect for direct use by pupils, both in the classroom and at home.  A vital resource.
The Tudors Good overall explanation of the Tudors on one page.  Together with images, this page provides a well balanced overview of the Tudor dynasty.
Information on the Tudors Part of the developing HistoryontheNet site, this section provides extremely detailed yet accessible material for KS3 use in the classroom or a home.
Tudor England A well paced yet detailed summary of everything related to the Tudors.  What is finished is excellent, although it will be even better when the Henry VIII section is finished!
Tudor England An excellent and extremely detailed site providing details on all things Tudor.  Very useful information, easily accessible for KS3 but perhaps more beneficial for KS4 and KS5 study. 
The Tudors An extremely useful overview of the Tudors as a whole.  Dates for the monarchs are given, combined with a summary of the major events.
The Tudors From the Queen's website, an overview of the Tudor monarchs.  Good information that hasn't just been copied from elsewhere!  Excellent illustrations from the Royal Collection.
Tudors and Stuarts A brief, yet comprehensive summary of the Tudor and Stuart rule in England.  Well written overview of events.
Links to the Tudor Era A good collection of links all based at  Useful summaries, yet occasionally a little pushy with the adverts.
  Henry VII
Henry VIII & Reformation
Elizabeth I
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