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The Rise of Hitler

Life in Nazi Germany



Nazi Germany A useful summary of conditions and life in Nazi Germany from the BBC Modern World GCSE site.  Detail and images answering three key questions.
Weimar and Nazi Germany Designed for KS4 students this section of is very beneficial for additional research.  Information, links and activities are easily available.
Nazi Germany Encyclopaedia A new and extremely useful collection of encyclopaedia entries relating to Nazi Germany.  More aimed at GCSE pupils, but some excellent information from Spartacus.
Daily life in Nazi Germany An interesting summary written by a US college student.  Good information, but as with all sources, make sure you carefully check information for accuracy before use.
Hitler Youth An in depth examination and explanation of the Hitler Youth.  Detailed information supplemented by audio and video material.  Very useful for research.
Totalitarian society in Germany A heavy going but extremely useful and well explained summary of the changes Hitler introduced to Germany.  Part of a larger investigation into Nazi Germany.
World War II section Also see the Year 9 WWII section, providing useful links to further material on the Holocaust.  From there you can also link to the GCSE WWII material.




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