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 The Slave Trade


The Slave Trade A clearly organised and comprehensive collection of information about the Slave Trade from Spartacus Internet.  An excellent starting point with a great deal of material to examine.
Focus on the slave trade BBC news article from September 2001.  A useful summary of the history of the slave trade and its impact upon the world.  Includes a map.  A good overview.
The Slave Trade triangle An interactive 'web-lesson' that encourages pupils to research and answer questions using internet links.  An innovative and useful source, although not all the links work.
History of the Middle Passage An approachable site that explains the Middle Passage.  A detailed timeline is also included.  Valuable information.
Abolition Acts of 1807 and 1833 - how did they affect slavery? A Learning Curve snapshot activity providing excellent primary source analysis that covers and explains important aspects related to slavery.  Assessment questions included.   
The Atlantic Slave Trade An atmospheric and grabbing site that leads pupils through the terror and terror of the Middle Passage.  Great use of illustrations make this site ideal for use with KS3.
The Middle Passage An interesting site that presents shocking information on the Middle Passage, and backs this up with accounts from different slaves who survived the ordeal.
African Slave Trade timeline A collection of links and information about the Slave Trade arranged as a timeline.  Whilst at times complicated, this helpful site covers a wide range of relevant issues.
Bristol City Council A brief summary of the transatlantic slave trade.  This site provides the English perspective - how the slave trade affected ports in this country.   
Slavery in America A very clear and straightforward site offering some brief useful information together with an excellent collection of explained links to find out more. 
Exploring Amistad This site offers information and resources on teaching the Amistad incident.  Worth exploring, as links provide material relevant to resistance, abolition and additional aspects.
Amistad - what happened? Information and background material to the Amistad resistance.  Accessible information for KS3 study.
The Anti-Slavery Campaign An explanation of the Anti-Slavery campaign in Britain.  Details how Britain had benefited from the slave trade, and also how people began turning away from slavery.
The mystery of the portrait A BBC Education website that allows KS3 pupils to investigation material about Olaudah Equiano.  Useful research information allowing further exploration.
Slave Movement in the 18th & 19th Centuries Statistics and documentation revealing the world slave trade.  Not of immediate use for KS3, but may provide background evidence that could be used.

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