Edexcel GCSE History: Spain and the ‘New World’, c1490–c1555

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PAPER 2: OPTION P1: Spain and the ‘New World’, c1490–c1555

In this module, students will cover the following topics in line with the Edexcel specifications booklet. Detailed information for the module can be found on page 26-27.

Topics include:

Key topic 1: Spain reaches the ‘New World’, c1490–1512

  • Spanish exploration
  • Columbus reaches America
  • Spanish claims in the Caribbean

Key topic 2: The conquistadors, 1513–c1528

  • The start of an empire
  • The conquest of Mexico
  • Impact of Spain in the New World

Key topic 3: The Spanish Empire c1528–c1555

  • Pizarro and the conquest of the Incas
  • Expansion of empire
  • Impact of the New World on Spain

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