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This is usually caused by your web browser caching the page before you logged in.

When you visit the page again, instead of showing you the correct logged in page, your browse shows you the saved version instead.

In most cases this can be solved by clicking the refresh button in your web browser.

If you have tried to refresh the browser and you are still seeing the logged out page view, then it means you need to force your browser cache to reload. Full instructions on how to do that for your computer can be found at the below link:

If you’re already logged in to School History, you can reset your password by visiting your account page.

If you’ve forgotten your password and can’t login to KidsKonnect, you can use the password reset form to reset it.

All of our resources are provided for download in PDF or PPT format and most modern computers should be able to open and print them from the File menu.

If you can’t open the PDF worksheets on your computer, you might need to install the free Adobe Reader software. You can also contact support if you have any trouble and we’ll help you to overcome any technical hiccups!

Thank you so much for your upgrade. It’s really easy to add an additional 30 students or teachers to your Pro School plan.

When logged in to your account please hover over the My Account section and choose the option Manage Users. Once you have created a group you can add the email addresses of colleagues and they will be notified via email to choose a password. They will then have full access to the account.

Note: If colleagues leave your organisation you can merely delete their email address and access will be removed.

Our GCSE 9-1 resources all come with complimentary free samples which you can download before purchasing. You can browse by your respective examination board with the following links:

Samples can be found for each and every module of study. Please browse by module and download the free sample.

Each module for each examination board includes:

  • Scheme of Work/Lesson plan
  • A complete set of editable PowerPoint lessons
  • Accompanying worksheets and homework tasks
  • 3 assessments

We also offer free resources by subject type. If for example, you are looking for WW2 resources, you can utilise the navigation to locate the WW2 page.

Lastly, you can browse via age group utilising the Age Group option on the navigation:

This is usually because of issues with your school I.T. systems. Make sure you contact your I.T. department so that they allow you to print PDF files.

When purchasing or upgrading your School History account to a paid plan, you might experience an error message if your payment method fails.

This is usually because your bank blocked the payment from being processed.

If your payment did fail, the best option is to contact your bank and let them know that the payment you tried to make was approved and that they should whitelist it so that you can try to make the payment again. Once your bank removes that block, you should be free to purchase with no more problems.

Alternatively, if you have a PayPal account, you can choose the PayPal option at the checkout instead. Most banks are more familiar with PayPal payments, so the payment is less likely to get flagged by your bank.

Yes! Many schools in the UK and abroad prefer to submit a purchase order and make payment directly through a bank transfer instead of purchasing online.

To do that, simply fill out our Purchase Order Form with the relevant details and submit it to our support team. Once we receive that, payment information will be sent over to you and your account will be upgraded as soon as we receive the payment.

If your account is set up to automatically renew, then you don’t need to do a thing! We’ll take care of the renewal when it’s due and email you to let you know.

If you didn’t choose to auto-renew, you can renew manually from your account page instead.

We only want you to stay with School History if you get true value from it. We’d be sad to see you go, but we have made cancelling your subscription very easy.

If you go to your account page, you’ll see the “Disable automatic renewal” button. To cancel, you just need to click that button and your membership will expire at the end of the payment period.

All emails include a clear Unsubscribe button within the footer. If you would like to unsubscribe from emails then please click the handy link before contacting support.

We never want to see members leave us however we appreciate that people change careers, move roles or no longer find value in our offering. If you would like your account and all data removed then please contact our support team and we will action this instantly.

It’s impossible for us to monitor all payments and know which payment is assigned to which account. If your finance department has made payment via bank transfer then please contact us with a clear reference, date of payment and organisation who made the payment. With this information, we will be able to upgrade your account without delay.

Sometimes there can be a difficulty with downloading our resources. This is usually the case when your computer is part of larger school network and the filename/path becomes too long. Where this is the case, you can change your download path to Desktop before moving it to your server. If this does not help, you can rename the file in your browser to something shorter. If you’re still having trouble, please contact us and we can send you resources directly.

At School History, we’re continually at work adding new resources and value to our offering. If you’re unable to find resources under your specific examination board, there’s still a wealth of material at your disposal. In almost all cases, where a topic doesn’t appear on one examination board’s page, we’ll have resources elsewhere on the site. Similarly, the level of quality of our updated GCSE history resources is such that they can be easily adapted for used for KS3 and A-level lessons.

You can search by category on the homepage by browsing the black dropdown menu at the top of the page, by clicking resources, or visiting our GCSE collection of resources. Alternatively, access our mapping document and follow the keyword search instructions to point you in the right direction.

We don’t currently offer a monthly payment plan and at this moment in time have no plans to do so long term. We are a small, family-run business so the processing costs and bandwidth of managing monthly payments are just too much.

We also believe in yearly pricing and our yearly cost of £60 is also incredibly competitive given the value of our resources. This works out at just £5 a month or the price of a coffee or two in most cities. For this, you receive access to thousands of historical resources across all age groups. These are constantly updated and improved adding even more value to your subscription.