Tollund Man Mystery – Lesson Outline


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Objectives and Outline

In brief, this VAK activity sets up the classroom as a 1950s crime scene. The whole class will play the role of the Danish police investigators and are distributed around the classroom with the center of the room being set up as a crime scene complete with fake body and crime scene tape. The main individual role of the Chief Inspectors will be played by the class teachers or a colleague – in this particular case the lesson was team taught with both History teachers involved and leading the activity at different times supported by their teaching partner.

Learning Objectives

This activity is therefore intended to help students develop an understanding of;

• The nature of Iron Age life, i.e. treatment of slaves, cowards, traitors and captured enemy soldiers
• The importance of religion on Iron Age people in Europe
• How sources can be used effectively to solve or discuss historical events

Use with the Tollund Man History Detective Worksheet & Tollund Man Powerpoint Lesson Plan.