How was France ruled before the French Revolution


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Lesson Objective:

  • Understand the system of rule in France before the French Revolution took place.

Lesson Snapshot:

The word Revolution means a dramatic change. In 1789 a Revolution started in France which changed the way that France was ruled.

In 1789 France was ruled by King Louis XVI. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. They were not very popular. Many people felt that they spent too much money and were running the country badly. By 1793 Louis and Marie Antoinette had been executed. The monarchy (a country with a king or queen) had ended.

Why did this happen?
Why did the French people decide to get rid of their Royal family?

To begin to understand this we must begin to look at the way France was ruled before the French Revolution.

Worksheet Lesson Plan:

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  • Structured information sheet and questions of how France ruled before the French Revolution.