The Value of Women


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Lesson Snapshot:

  • Victorian women had few civil or political rights
  • In 1866 a group of women took a petition, signed by 1,500 women asking for the vote to Parliament
  • In 1903 Emmeline Pankhurst formed the ‘Suffragettes’
  • By 1908 most MP’s openly supported the right for women to vote
  • After 1910, the government faced other problems and many MP’s thought there were more important things to worry about
  • In 1914, the First World War started, and the women’s leaders promised to stop campaigning for the vote and to help the war
  • During the First World War, women worked alongside men to defeat the enemy

Worksheet Task:

  • Aimed at Students studying across KS3 or equivalent
  • Premium resource
  • To decide whether women were treated equally in society before the First and Second World Wars
  • Use as you wish in the classroom or home environment
  • Use with other Industrial Age Worksheets & Resources
  • Includes challenging questions