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KS3 Black British Activism Resources

Upon the arrival of Black Britons (since they were officially British citizens due to the British Nationality Act 1948), they faced discrimination in housing. Many were not open to advertising rooms for them to rent. Affordable housing was already scarce for the local population and with the influx of immigrants who were seen as competitors, it became a source of tension. As a result, a large concentration of their population settled in places such as Notting Hill, Brixton, St. Paul’s and Toxteth. 

With the continued influx of migrants from the Caribbean, racial tension increased. Race riots erupted across the country, encouraged by right-wing, pro-’white’ groups, building on feelings of discontent caused by competition for housing and jobs. Riots started in Liverpool in August 1948 and spread in the 1950s to Birmingham, Nottingham and west London.

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