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KS3 Neolithic Revolution in Britain Resources

In order to understand the developments of modern society and culture, it’s important to understand the deep past of the British Isles. The study of the Neolithic period in Britian, which occurred from around 4000 to about 2,500 BCE, reveals the technological and agricultural development of man during the Stone Age that began the shift away from hunter-gathering into a sedentary existence of farming. Study of the Neolithic Period in Britain allows young historians to understand how these early farming communities dramatically and permanently altered the landscape to make way for farmland, how tools were developed (and consequently new skills learned and passed on), and how monuments and settlements were erected.

Learn more about the Neolithic Period in Britain with our KS3 resources to delve into characteristics of the Neolithic age, farming, environmental issues, architecture, society and culture, and technology. You’ll find Student Activities, Lesson Presentation, and Revision Notes ready to download below. KS3 resources are ideally suited for Years 7, 8 and 9, or ages 11-14.

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