Reasons for Appeasement


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Lesson Snapshot

  • The five most important reasons, however, were:

    Some British people actually approved of Hitler’s policies.

  • Oswald Mosley was the leader of the British Fascist League and was part of the British Upper Class and very influential
  • Many people believed that the Prince of Wales (Edward) was a member of the party. He became King in 1936 but abdicated soon after
  • Many Conservatives liked and supported Hitler’s strong, right-wing government
  • Many people felt that events in Europe were not Britain’s business.
  • Many British people wanted peace. The first war was not that long in the past
  • Britain’s small army was too weak to go to war in 1938; needed time to re-arm
  • Many British people agreed with Hitler that the Treaty of Versailles was unfair

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