Women in Nazi Germany


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Learning Objectives:

  • All students will be able to analyse contemporary sources from Nazi Germany.
  • Most students will be able to select relevant information from sources for a written task .
  • Some students will be able to write a piece of work that is purposefully biased and understand why they have done so.
  • Understand the Nazi Germany use of propaganda.

Lesson Plan Snapshot

  1. Hitler placed women on a pedestal.
  2. He argued that women were the most important people in Germany because they would produce the next generation of Nazis.
  3. He wanted women out of the workplace and into the home.
  4. The Nazis produced a lot of propaganda that would ensure Germans agreed with Hitler’s ideas for women.

Powerpoint Lesson Plan:

  • Aimed at Students studying across UK Year 7,8 & 9 or equivalent
  • Premium resource
  • Use as you wish in the classroom or home environment
  • Structured powerpoint presentation and challenging tasks.
  • Complete lesson plan on women and their role in Nazi Germany.