Women in Russia & Equal Rights


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Lesson Plan Snapshot:

Lenin’s View:

  • Lenin wanted complete emancipation for Russian women.
  • He wanted the common practice of a family swept away and replaced with a more communal way of living together and raising children.
  • He created youth groups and encouraged them to attack ‘the capitalist tyranny of parents’ and party sections were set up to educate women on how to become assertive and independent.
  • He wanted wives to be disobedient to their husbands and think for themselves.

Alexandra Kollontai – 1872 – 1952

  • Leading Bolshevik figure.
  • First female member of the Bolshevik Govt.
  • A feminist who believed in free love – this upset some of her more conservative fellow Bolsheviks.
  • She was a member of the Central Committee and exercised an influence over women’s policies, health and family.
  • Her influenced waned after 1921 and some of her policies were reversed.

Equal Opportunity Russia

  • The Bolshevik revolution was not just concerned with the development of a socialist economy.
  • It also promised to deliver long-awaited improvements to the lives of ordinary Russians, particularly women, peasants and industrial workers.
  • These Soviet social reforms were idealistic, ambitious and extensive.
  • Initiated by Bolshevik leaders like Alexandra Kollontai, they aimed to liberate women by removing traditional restrictions on marriage, divorce, abortion and contraception.

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