OCR GCSE History: Personal Rule to Restoration 1629–1660

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Personal Rule to Restoration 1629–1660

This depth study focuses on the main political and religious developments in Britain from 1629–1660. The aim is to give learners the opportunity to study in-depth a period of fundamental significance in British history.

Relationship between Parliament and Charles I 1629–1642

  • Reasons why Charles I called Parliament in 1640;
  • The Long Parliament’s criticisms of Charles I’s Personal Rule, including financial and religious measures and suppression of criticism (1629–1640);
  • Attacks on Laud and Strafford; events leading to civil war, including rebellion in Ireland in 1641, Grand Remonstrance 1641, attempt on the Five Members 1642, Militia Ordinance 1642, Nineteen Propositions 1642; divisions within Parliament 1640–1642.

The political and religious impact of war 1642–1649

  • Parliament’s attempts to reach agreement with Charles I 1646–1647 (Propositions of Newcastle);
  • Reaction of Parliament to the emergence of new religious and political groups, including Levellers, Quakers and Diggers;
  • Relationship between Parliament and the Army, including the emergence of the Presbyterian and Independent parties and the debate about settlement with the King; the execution of Charles I 1649;
  • Rump Parliament and the declaration of Republic 1649.

The nature and extent of political and religious change 1649–c.1660

  • Relationship between Rump Parliament and Cromwell 1649–1653;
  • Relationship between Parliament and Cromwell 1653–1658, including the Instrument of Government and rule of the Major Generals;
  • Humble Petition and Advice, and Cromwell’s response;
  • Attempts to reach a settlement September 1658 – April 1660;
  • Restoration of the monarchy, including the terms of Restoration c.1660.

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